I Hugged The Berlin Patient is a documentary-adventure about a spirited cancer survivor from Singapore, Edgar Tang, who plunges into a spontaneous quest to find Timothy Ray Brown a.k.a. ‘The Berlin Patient' – the first man in the world actually cured of HIV.

With his old friend Dzul Sungit behind the camera, Edgar embarks on a raw and reflective exploration spanning three continents, retracing the medical marvel's life through his favourite city Berlin, his friends, and the doctor who cured him.

But without a clear plan or knowledge of German, his random idea soon becomes more than he bargained for. As details emerge about Timothy’s ordeal, beginning with his first risky bone-marrow transplant in 2007, Edgar finds lyrical parallels to his own recovery from stage III Hodgkin’s Lymphoma that same year. Armed with his ‘survivor’ instinct and quirky personality, Edgar fleshes out the next illogical plan to travel farther, just to hug the man. #PassTheCure